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A Must Do Activity When In CAIRNS


Dreaming of Flying? This Is Your Chance

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After my wonderful time at Sydney, I was very much excited for Cairns, especially for the Great Barrier Reef. But on the early morning of the Great Barrier Reef, I had a fantastic plan in store and that was the bucket list activity of Hot Air Ballooning.

Although there are a lot of places in the World where this activity is done, as far as I knew Australia was the most famous of all. And I could not wait for the night to pass.

Since I was to leave from the hotel for the Great Barrier Reef at 09:00 AM, I had planned to go for my activity early morning also keeping in mind the chance of catching up with the sunrise from up there.

The company with who I booked the activity also included the transfers in the package which was the best things. Since I was traveling on a group tour, and apart from that if you wanna travel on your own anywhere in Australia it might be difficult sometimes considering the distances. As we neared towards the fields one could see the giant hot air balloons ready for take-off. It was way huge ride than I ever imagined. In fact, this was the first time in my life, I was going that close to the Hot Air Balloon.

Hot Air Balloons in Cairns, A Must Do Activity While in Cairns - Hot Air Ballooning

Hot Air Balloons ready to take off. A Must Do Activity While in Cairns - Hot Air Ballooning. Image Source - Voice Traveling

All these rides were attached to a carrier which can carry around 20 people at a time depending on the total weight as well. Getting into the carrier itself is not that easy task. You need to fit your leg into the gap provided and then get the other leg directly inside to push yourself.

Once everyone was aboard, our pilot came in the carrier and started giving us the brief about the safety instructions and what to do in case of an emergency. The pilot started pressing and pulling the handles for the fire to go in full force and we started going up in the air very slowly on a pleasant morning.

Within 10 minutes we were almost at the height of 100 to 150 meters leaving behind other Hot Air Balloons at the ground. As we went higher, we could see the vast spread of farms and fields which are privately owned.

After few minutes we could see other balloons taking off and the Sun also started rising over the horizon. It was a wonderful sight. A sight which I thought I would never ever want to miss in my lifetime and I was lucky enough to be able to be here and experience this moment.

I could see the whole World below me was slowly shrinking as I was going higher. We could also spot some Kangaroos from up there.

Another View From Hot Air Balloon

View from my hot air balloon ride. A Must Do Activity While in Cairns - Hot Air Ballooning. Image Source - Voice Traveling

Was it scary? Well! For me, not at all. You do have a feeling of flying in open air since the carries only cover you till your chest level for a normal height person. And anyway, I was so busy enjoying the moment and clicking photographs I had no time to think about anything else. All I wanted to do was live the moment.

The mesmerizing ride lasts for almost an hour and now it was time to land. Now, this was something I was worried about before even getting on-board. Taking off is fun but landing is always a bit of a task for me. But I must say our pilot was a genius and did a very smooth landing in one of the fields.

Hold on! The activity is not yet over here. The giant balloon you just flew with is only used for one ride at a time and then folded, yes, it is folded just like we fold a blanket and again taken to another spot. Now, of course, the pilot and his colleagues cannot do it all by themselves and they happily ask you to help them out to fold the balloon. And there you are, a team of 20 people folding that giant balloon they just rode in.

After this, my transfer dropped back at my hotel and went ahead for my further program. But if you wish, you can also book your breakfast with them along with the champagne on board. There are multiple options provided to enjoy this activity and you can always select the one which suits you the best.

An experience for a lifetime which you should never miss when you are in Cairns.

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