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All You Need to Know Before You Visit BALI

When you think of good place, think of BALI

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With all the alerts being raised for volcano and evacuation news around the area I was set to fly for one of the beautiful destinations in the world. Although I was a bit worried about the situation there; I was relieved by the fact that the places I was supposed to cover were very far from the to be affected area.

I am writing this post just after finishing up going through the photos of my recent trip to Bali. The place which I did not really think of visiting at this point in time. But, I am happy that I have done it so, which was a complete refreshing break for me. A place which is not yet totally commercially developed and roads throughout the city are small but still gives immense pleasure traveling. The beaches are one of the most beautiful beaches I have been and although I was willing to go diving at the beach, the time did not permit me to do that.

Ancient structures still being preserved in the city gives you the feeling of traveling in some town in the ancient era. There are statues of character related to Ramayana, throughout Bali. Although Indonesia is considered to be a Muslim country, the city of Bali follows Hinduism.

I was only able to visit a small portion of the town and surrounding. But I am surely making my another visit to make sure I even travel to the places I missed out this time.

Let's see what are the important things to know when you visit Bali.

1. Getting There

Flight tickets to Bali are comparatively cheap related to other destinations. Flight from Mumbai mostly fly via other South East Asian cities like Bangkok, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur. To my knowledge, there are no options for direct flights to Denpasar Bali from Mumbai. the name of the international airport of Bali is Bali Ngurah Rai International Airport which is situated in the center of the city.

2. Visa & Airport Formalities

Indonesia offers you the on arrival visa service. When you travel from Mumbai to Bali; once you get off your flight at the airport, you simply have to get to the immigration counters. No forms to be filled for visa procedure. You only need to produce your passport and boarding pass to the immigration officer. And you are through with your visa and immigration procedure within 2 minutes.

After luggage collection and before leaving the area you are obliged to fill up the customs declaration form and submit it to the staff at the counter. Your luggage will be scanned before you take the exit.

After exiting and entering the arrival hall, you will get plenty of taxi service options for your ride to the designated destination.

3. Currency

Currency Notes of Indonesia

Balinese Currency. All You Need To Know Before You Travel To Bali. Image Source :- Google

This was the best part of being to Bali. Once you are in Bali, you are a millionaire. Nope!!! I am not kidding at all. Indonesian people really love zeroes. The lowest amount available in paper currency is IDR 1,000 and the highest is IDR 1,00,000. As of today, 1 USD = 13,200 IDR. That's quite a lot of money considering the denominations. All the prices you see are more than IDR 1,00,000 and it's really fun. The only important thing to remember is you need to be careful while calculating since sometimes it can be really confusing.

4. Weather

Being near to the equator Bali has hot and humid climate throughout the year. April to September is considered to be the dry season, making more and more tourist to travel from around the world to Bali. The rainy season typically starts from October till March. Bali is mostly quiet at this time.

Central mountain areas are generally cooler than the coastal areas. And the temperatures near volcano areas like Kintamani can even drop to 15 degrees Celsius at times.

5. Accomodation

The town has got plenty of options for the various type of hotels ranging from all category hotels and giving you sorts of options. Whether it be a star rated hotel, or a hostel stay or a homestay you can get all as per your budget and will.

6. Transportation

As I mentioned earlier about roads being smaller in Bali, the timing for traveling in and around the city can never be predicted. There are various transportation options available for you to take you from one place to the other. Also, at most popular sightseeing spots you will find some taxi services ready to take you around different sightseeing. Pricing can be different from place to place and you need to bargain for the same. Check out Bali Transportation for further detailed information.

7. Food

Balinese cuisine is the local cuisine of the Balinese people. This cuisine uses a variety of spices, blends it with fresh vegetables, meat and fish. Rice is the staple food of Balinese people. These people cannot really stay without rice. But the taste of the food is not really spicy. The sweet ingredient is always added to the most of the food items.

8. Places to See

Bali and surrounding area are filled up with tons of sightseeing to do and you can never really complete it in just the span of four days. Every sightseeing in Bali has something different in itself. Even the temples are of different structures in many aspects. Check out Best Places to Visit in Bali.

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