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What Happens When You TRAVEL

Travel is Life

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Many people have their own conceptions, reasons for traveling. Did you ever think; what exactly happens to yourself, to your INNER self when you travel???

Well! it can vary person to person but the common phenomenon observed among most of the travelers is that they find peace with themselves. Away from all the problems back at home or workplace or anything that could be worrying you disturbing your mindset. Every day is a new adventure in itself, a new place, and all the new people

You tend to blend in the nourishing culture of that region, become grateful for all the changes that come to you during your travel period. That's what the most important aspect of life is. Isn't it?

You meet new people who belong to different cultures, societies, religions all in one place. And those people become your friends at a later stage resulting in a lifetime of bonding.

Whether it be traveling to another state of your own country or a completely different country; traveling leaves you with an extensive experience. Experiences which teach you how to survive in a new environment away from your comfort zone and still be happy about all of it. It makes you aware of your own limitations of adjustment about your stay, food, the way you travel and much more.

And the most important of all; traveling gives you all the memories which you cherish for your lifetime. Memories which will bring a smile on your face regardless of your current situation. Looking at all those photos you click while you travel and thinking if you can go back to those moments even if for a few seconds.

So gear up everyone out there and get going...


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